Paws To Bark Inc Pooper Scoopers FAQs:

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Pooper Scoopers  
Call  Or Text: : 905-975-8707

How do I sign up for dog poop pick up?

For dog waste removal pickup its easy! Send us a message or any platform or email us under the contact us tab. Fill out the information and we will get you on our pooper scooper route.

How do I pay for dog poop pick up?

We send an invoice out 1st of the month for the entire month. This is broken down at the weekly rate spread over 52 weeks. example ( $16.25 x 52 /12)

This can be paid via email transfer or if you pay directly with the invoice link we have paypal and credit card options . This is due by the 15th of every month.

Do I need to be home when you scoop the poop?

We do not need anyone to be home on your dog poop pick up service day. Yard access should be available to use. Gate locks can be purchased for $3 a month from us so our staff can enter with no problem. 

What happens if my gate is locked on my pooper scooper day?

There will still be a charge due to the extra build up plus time and gas spent during that time frame.

Can my dog be in the yard when you come for dog poop pick up?

Yes, friendly dogs can be outside as our pooper scooper team loves dogs. 

Can I get a text before the pooper scooper arrives?

You can get a text before arrival if needed. If your dog is unfriendly a confirmation text must be sent and you must respond that the dog is inside. If we arrive and you do not respond the charge will apply that week for extra waste build up, gas and time. This is for aggressive dogs only.

What day do you come for dog waste removal?

Our routes are set up based on location. When you sign up we will assign you a date which will remain the same unless we contact you with a change. 

Do you offer dog poop pick up on holidays?

Some holidays we do dog poop pick up due to a full route schedule.  However, we will be closed for one week during Christmas and New Years Day. 

When should i put my bucket out for bucket service ?

Buckets need to be out by 7:30am on your assigned day. If you miss the pickup you can leave any extra in a bag on-top for the following week. If we need to move your service day we will notify you ahead of time.

​Do you take the dog waste?

Yes, all waste we scoop is taken with us. 

Pooper Scooper Policies & Procedures:


During the fall season we encounter a lot of leaves in yards. We will do our best to scoop what we can BUT sometimes we cannot see everything if the leaves have not been raked. 

Winter Guidelines

We do provide service throughout the winter for most of our service area. While the winter can add an extra challenge. We will always do our best to get what we can on your service day so your yard stays maintained. If waste is frozen or hidden we will collect those piles when it thaws.

If an area in the yard has ice or a walkway that is too dangerous to walk on we will notify you and re-visit the area on your next service day.

Buckets can freeze during the cold weather, if the lid is frozen or the bag is stuck to the bottom we will leave an extra bag and grab everything the following week. 

Staying on all winter means you will NOT have to pay any extra fees for a big melt during the winter. Spring clean charges will also not be charged for clients that are on all winter. 

Yard Access:

We know it is sometimes hard for you to maintain yard access because of snow and ice. If we are not able to access your yard once we arrive we will notify you so arrangements can be made to have it cleared for our next visit. The billing cycle will not change and you will be charged for that day because of the extra time and waste build up that will be required to clean the following week or when it thaws. If this happens for more than 2 consecutive weeks we may have to discuss whether the service goes on hold temporarily. Note that a small one time clean charge will apply when we resume service.  

If you let us know ahead of our scheduled visit that we will not be able to gain access the billing cycle will remain the same and you will be charged for that missed visit because of the waste build up and extra time to clean the yard. If the yard is going to be inaccessible for multiple consecutive weeks we can put the service on hold until accessibility improves, a small one time charge will apply when service is resumed.

Inclement Weather:

If for some reason we have to cancel a day for inclement weather and safety concerns we will do everything possible to make that day up in the same week so there is no interruption to the service. If that is not possible we will resume on the next service day the following week. The billing cycle will not change and you will be charged for that day because of the extra time and waste build up that will be required to clean the following week or when it thaws. 

Please note: inclement weather days are under our discretion for the safety of our employees.

Christmas Break:

Paws to Bark will be shutting down service for the week between Christmas and New Years to spend time with our families.

Please note this is the only week during the year we shut down and that week is worked into the 52 week yearly billing divided into 12 months.

Billing/service will go as follows for Christmas Break

Regular weekly service and bucket service - billing cycle will remain the same because of the added time and waste that will be picked up on our next scheduled service date. 

Bucket service please leave any extra bags to be taken beside your bucket on the next service date.

Bi-weekly - service that falls on that week will be moved up a week. So you will receive service 2 weeks in a row and then every 2 weeks following so that there are no missed cleans in that month.

Multiple services in a week - there will be only one day charged for that week (Dec invoice adjusted) because of the added time and waste to be cleaned on your next scheduled day. 

Client Vacation/Service Interruption

If for whatever reason you need to skip services during the month and the dogs are NOT using the yard during your time away, we will credit you for those weeks as long as we are notified before 7am of your scheduled service day.  If no prior notification is given you will still be charged for those service days.

If for whatever reason you need to skip a service day(s) and the dogs are
STILL using the yard you will  be charged for that service day(s) because of the extra waste build and time needed to clean once service is resumed   

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel service at any time by notifying us anytime up to the morning of your scheduled service day by 7am.  If cancellation happens mid month after the invoice has been paid you will receive either a credit or a refund for the weeks the yard was not serviced

Unnotified Cancellation 

If yard service is suspended or canceled due to non-payment of invoice (Invoice not paid by the 15th of the current month) you will be charged for the entire month owing to resume service plus an initial clean up fee.  This charge is for the 2 unpaid weeks serviced before suspension and administration fees. The initial clean up charge is for the build up since your last clean and will vary depending on the last time the yard was serviced.

We will continue to service your yard up until the 15th of each month, if payment has not been made your service will be suspended.  It is your responsibility to inform us of  your cancellation, if it is not received you will be billed for the outstanding balance (the service up to the 15th) and a $20 administration fee will also apply.  Any failure to pay the outstanding balance may result in collections and legal action taken.